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Black Student Affairs

Services for Students of African Descent

Black Student Affairs (OBSA) supports and enhances the well-being of undergraduate and graduate students of African descent earning degrees at The Claremont Colleges. OBSA collaborates with faculty, staff, and alumni of the Claremont consortium of colleges to ensure comprehensive consideration and creation of services that complement our students’ stellar education with culturally significant scholarship, programming, and events. We offer individual and small group advising and mentoring to advance our students’ academic, professional, and personal excellence. In addition to academic and career advising, professional development and leadership training stand as a centerpiece of OBSA’s mission.

Recognizing the collective and individual diversity of the student communities we serve, OBSA offers students a wide range of opportunities to explore the breadth of African diasporic life and cultures, such as hosting prominent guest speakers, cultural celebrations, and community education workshops.

All students of African descent are encouraged to participate in the programs and services we offer. Along with providing assistance and opportunities while earning their degrees, we aim to support the realization of the students’ highest aspirations.

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Phone (909) 607-3669
E-mail obsa@cuc.claremont.edu
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Monday–Friday 9:00 a.m.–5 p.m.

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